Membership   Information 




$30.00 a year

   Due January each year

includes family,  individual  or couples )

        membership includes household



Make payable to :  NCWHMA


Mail to : 


Arlene Pittman, NCWHMA

Treasurer/ Secretary

2719 Memorial Ch. Rd.

Kenly, NC 27542



         Send following info:           


1.  Names on membership

2.  Mailing address

3.  Phone number

4.  EMAIL if available.We prefered to send info by email but not neccessary.


2017 Membership Totals

2017 NCWHMA had 183 active members plus ( total does not include spouses and children )

23  new members during 2017.


Thanks for all the members support and to all that had events and too the members that helped us move forward.


We appreciate the attendance from the public, your support and your donations were gratefully appreciated.