2017 Membership Totals

2017 NCWHMA had 183 active members plus ( total does not include spouses and children )

23  new members during 2017.


Thanks for all the members support and to all that had events and too the members that helped us move forward.


We appreciate the attendance from the public, your support and your donations were gratefully appreciated.



Membership Information




               $30.00 per year ( includes family, indivdual or couple ) for 2018 New Memberships. All memberships increase in 2019 to $30.00.




Make checks payable to : NCWHMA



    Arlene Pittman, Treasurer


    2719 Memorial Church Road

    Kenly, NC 27542





                                                      Please send following information :



     1. All names of family on membership.


  2. Correct mailing address.


   3. Best contact phone number.


   4. Email address if its ok to send info about events by email.

   Due to mailing fees NCWHMA

   prefers email contact



This information can be emailed then followed by your dues or sent with your dues. Go to contact us page to send informationby email. Upon the arrival of you membership dues, your cards and other info will follow.


After receiving the calendar of event page expect to see flyers mailed or emailed couple weeks before the events. At times two and three  events will be mailed together, so its important that you keep the calendar event page. For some reason you have not received information on upcoming events be sure to contact us by email, website or phone.





Arlene Pittman, Treasurer

  & Website Editor          

252 - 236 - 5045