Hurricane Florence 


September 29, 2018


Biggest event of the year.

State Annual Plow Contest


What better way to advertise your business by helping sponsor this event. Or just like to be an individual sponsor. Any amount will be appreciated.



If you like to help sponsor this event please send in your donations for we are in process of planning this event.


Mail check ( please mark for State Plow Contest ) to:


NCWHMA. ( pay to order of )


Mail Address:





Arlene Pittman, Treasurer

2719 Memorial Ch Rd

Kenly, NC. 27542


Thanks for support to the North Carolina Work Horse and Mule Association,


   “ Rolling the past forward “


Due to Hurricane Florence the fields and many surrounding roads are impassable. The NCWHMA STATE PLOW CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 has been CANCELED.


We wish the best out to all that was effected by the storm. Prayers go out everyday that you will soon overcome this terrible storm.


NCWHMA would like to thank all the volunteers that have already but forth time an money into this event.

"Rolling the Past Forward"


Spot Rouse NCWHMA Member and President, from Seven Springs, NC with 12 Team hook up

2017 9th Annual NC State  Plow Contest

Openning ceremony NC State Plow Contest


Spot Rouse 

Kim Wood & Mr. Snowman

September 16, 2017


We the members of NCWHMA make great efforts in teaching our youngersters and the young at heart how things came about in the beginning of time. We hope these events teach us all deginity, and respect for our land owners our equines and for man kind himself.


We hold several events threw out the year. These events have all types of working plowing equipment, horses, mules, wagons and tractors for demonstrations and for show. The events are free to public.............................



Trail / Wagon Rides


Most of the events have free meals to NCWHMA members.               



Meals are provided to non members by donations only.         


If you would like to host an event please contact me by email or phone or if you like to become a NCWHMA member. You do not have to own an equine, just the love and passion of being around good people having fun and learning how to help in


" Rolling the past Forward "





Board Member Officers :



President :                    Spot Rouse                                 Seven Springs

Vice President :         Rex Mc Arthur                         Broadway, NC

Secretary :                  Carolyn Walker                       Goldsboro, NC

Treasurer :                  Arlene Pittman                        Kenly, NC


Board Members :



John Flowers                                               Goldsboro, NC

Roger Manning                                                            Williamston, NC

Ken Darroch                                                                 Lillington, NC

Gene Driggers                                                             South Carolina


Charter Members :



John Wood                                                                            Benson, NC

Jerry Mc Lamb                                                                      Benson, NC                  



NCWHMA was started in 1999 with only 6 members.   What was once hard brutal labor for our grand parents and our parents are growing into events bringing our older generation back to their youth.  Horse plowing is now one of the on going activities today teaching our youth many viral aspects of life.  In our events of plow days, heritage days etc. you will see hook ups from the single horse / mule to teams of two, three, four, six, eight  and even a team of twelve. ( that is a beautiful site to see )


The first North Carolina Horse Drawn Champsionship Contest was in 2009. The event was held in Linden , NC. This year 2017 was our ninth anual NC state champsionship Contest held September 16, 2017 @ S and S Ranch Farms in Seven Springs, NC also known as Spot Rouse Farms.


Many of these horse are Percheron drafts. They weight as much as a ton and stand shoulder high. Even the power of just a small mule / horse alone is astonishing.


You will see wooden handled walking plows , the sulky and many different riding plows. Not only will you see plows, but their is always antique farm equipement, tractors and cars for showing.


MANY COUNTRIES, &  the AMISH still use these means for harvesting their crops.


We hope our youth and young at heart contiues to learn from our educational techniques.  We encourage you to come give the past expirences a hand from learning from some of the best teamsters ( NCWHMA Members ). Your support contiunes to help our events move forward.